Martingale Online Gambling System

July 12, 2012 jack Gambling Strategies

The Martingale gambling system is an ancient and simple system. It is based on the probability of losing infinite times in a row and is usually applied to ‘even money’ gambles.

You start with one gamble. If you win, you start again with one gamble. If you lose, you double your gamble. Each time you lose, you double your last lost gamble. Eventually you are bound to win.

When you win you would recover all your lost gambles plus one unit (or chip) profit against your initial wager.

Although infallible in theory, the Martingale gambling system requires a large bankroll, has a very low return and is a very risky one because of the maximum gamble limits imposed by the casinos. If you run out of money or reach the house limit, you can lose a lot with no chance to recover your losses.

Applying the martingale gambling systems online has even better results when taking advantage of the huge sign up bonuses online casino’s offer.

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