Twist of Luck

July 12, 2012 jack Gambling Stories

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon and I was hanging out with my sister-in-law and brother at our house. She invited one of her friends over and we were watching some movies and having a few beers. Her friend was not the best looking girl, but I haven’t gotten any action in over a month and with alcohol in my system she looked even better. She was clearly giving me signs that she wanted something to happen.

I knew that she was flirting with me when she said things like oh I didn’t realize you were younger than me, but age doesn’t matter, Lets get out of here we can go have a drink at the bar and do something together tonight. It was absolutely clear when she asked my sister-in-law to stay over. To seal the deal my girlfriend went out of state a few weeks ago, however the last time I cheated on her she promised me an up-close encounter with her friend the kitchen knife if it ever happened again.

This was not going to work I knew the connection between this girl and my girlfriend was too close and I would have surely gotten caught. I needed to blow off some steam and get my mind away form all the friction between us, before I did something that might put me in the hospital.

So I did go to the bar, but by myself. After a few drinks it was starting to get late. The people in the bar were getting drunk and rowdy. I was in no mode to stick around for the cops to show up. So I got out of there. My mind was still on sex and I didn’t want to go back home to be tempted into signing my death sentence. I needed to kill some more time and I knew the perfect spot. In ten minutes time I pulled up to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

I played the slot machines and after a hundred bucks down the drain I decided to try something else. They were having a poker tournament and I was hoping my luck might have better at the card table. The moment I sat down I felt that my luck had instantly changed. Sitting next to me was a beauty form the Far East. She was one of the sexiest girls I have ever laid eyes on.

She wore a black short sleeve top white skirt and long black stockings with heals. She was blessed with the face of a goddess and her eyes and lips made me want to drool. Her hair was cut to the shoulders, her skin was slightly tan and the accent made her absolutely irresistible. Her flawless firm body and sexy chest made it hard for me to keep my eyes on the game. My luck had absolutely changed. I was taking huge pots and racking up colossal chips. And the beauty sitting next to me made that game even better.

It turns out that she was on vacation with some of her collage friends and was leaving for Asia on Tuesday. Wow I said to myself I can flirt all I want and my girlfriend will never find out because there is no way that they will ever run into each other. What a perfect night this was turning into. As we talked it seemed as if every time she smiled at me I won the pot. It was not until I had gone all in against her my luck changed for the worse. She smiled and I won the pot, but within fifteen minutes I was down to five chips and was the next one out after her.

I walked away form the table with my head down feeling pretty stupid for loosing all of my chips that quickly. I decided to grab a drink and call it a night. After I made my way to the bar and got my self a scotch I sat down. Then there she was, the woman with the smile that could makes me a winner, the lucky lady of my night sitting all alone playing the slot machine. I fantasized a little about having here all to myself with her back against the machine and me having the time of my life. Then reality hit me when I had to pay for the scotch. At that moment I realized that I was almost completely out of cash.

With two dollars left I figured I can at least apologize for knocking her out of the tournament, and get a smile to remember her by. I made my way to her, as I got closer I could tell from the expression on her face that she couldn’t believe I lost. I put a dollar into the machine next to her and said I gave up because it is not fun without you in the game. She said You’re to blame for that and smiled. I said I want to apologize for eliminating you from the tournament. Apology accepted she said. Then I put my last dollar into the machine and said Well it was nice meeting you, I am going to get some sleep Good Luck She said Why don’t you stay a little while longer we can have a drink. At that instant the machine lit up and the floor attendant says we have a jackpot winner. I looked at her and said now that you mention it a drink sounds like a really good idea!

After collecting the ten grand I won it was time to party. She introduced me to her friends and I bought several rounds for all of them. I came to the conclusion that everything was going right that night and decided, the only thing left to do is get physical with the lucky lady of my night. Eventually her friends were drunk and ready to leave. I convinced her that I will drive her back to her hotel room later on. We ended up buying Champaign and a hotel suite. All my desires had come true. As the sun was rising, I drove her back to her hotel.

She asked me to stay with her. Knowing that my brother and girlfriend will be wondering where I was all night I knew I had to get home quickly before anyone realizes that I was not home all night. In fifteen minutes I was almost to my neighborhood and then my luck took another turn. I looked behind me and saw the haunting red and blue flashing lights pulling up behind me. I knew I was going to have to watch what I say and remain calm. The officer made his way to my car and said do you know you were twenty miles over the speed limit. I looked at him with my bloodshot and tired eyes and said I did not realize that sir. After performing terribly in the road side test the officer asked are you willing to take a breathalyzer test? I looked at him straight in the eye and with a very serious tone said Sir I am fasting, if you can get a priest to bless the device and make it kosher I will be more than happy to put it in my mouth Within the hour I was checked into county jail and was charged with DUI. Later I found out that my lie might have worked if I had said a Rabbi.

Sitting there in jail freezing and feeling completely stupid for speeding, I started to chat with my cellmate. He had previously gotten a DUI and told me that it costs him about nine grand including lawyer fees, court costs, and probation officer visits. This was almost the same amount I had left form the Jackpot I had won earlier. As I sat there I wondered what would have happened if I stayed with the lucky lady of my night.

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